GreenWood Landscape Maintenance

 At GreenWood Landscape Maintenance we can offer a wide array of different options, styles, and materials when it comes to different styles of driveways, Patios or Walkways. Give us a call today we'll be able to assist you at (971) 563 1213


There are many different styles of homes with many different styles of driveways. Some opt for the traditional asphalt or concrete materials, but some homeowners want a little something more. For these types of houses, GreenWood Landscape Maintenance can offer a wide array of different options, styles, and materials.


At GreenWood Landscape Maintenance we will help you find the perfect stone options to incorporate into your patio. Our experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure that you pick the right option for you to enjoy for years! 


Build a more durable and inviting walkway, create a dramatic entrance to your home, revitalize cracked and dull concrete slabs, or transform your outdoor areas into one unified space, our affordable, natural-looking cast stone pavers are the perfect choice for you.